How do you explain fantasy football to someone who doesn't understand fantasy sports or football?

A huge number of people around the world play football fantasy. This is a game that is somewhat similar to a football manager - you create your own team of 15 real football players, and from that moment their scored goals, assists, dry matches and cards turn into points of your team. The more goals...

Fantasy Sports Solutions hits a home run, named a top B2B company in Germany by Clutch

The big game is on tonight but you are having trouble setting the perfect fantasy team lineup. This dilemma is something that over 60 million users worldwide encounter from season to season...

How much does it cost to start a daily fantasy sports website?

Most likely, if you appeared in this post, you are looking to opportunities of starting this business. Or… you are just wondering, who knows. Anyways. If you are interested in the answer, you are welcome, as we’ll give you some numbers to think about. When we talk about ‘how much does it cost to start’ any website...

GDPR. Fantasy Sports, are you ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679), also known as GDPR, will significantly increase the responsibilities and obligations for online businesses in how they collect and process personal data...

CryptoCurrency. Is it a good way for fantasy sports?

Oh, I was under impression. As per social networks, blockchain is going to capture the Galaxy. In all fields of business this technology marks its presence. Cryptocurrency as an “exemplar” of that is an alternative to the global payment system, and it seeped already into so many trade operations in real life and did it so quickly that really shocks. On the May 22 of 2010 10 thousands (!!!!) coins were paid for pizza. Today for 1 coin you can buy a used car in well enough condition in USA…
3 mistakes

3 mistakes to avoid in running Fantasy Sports business

Do you enjoy Fantasy Sports? I believe you are! And if you are running Fantasy Sports business, you are enjoying it even more. Why I’am sure about that? Because I do!
What is needed to start your company

Fantasy Sports business - what is needed to start your company

So, the first thing you should do is general for all kinds of business - think about your potential audience: users who will come in, bring you money, play your games and like them - to continue playing. If you are a big fan of fantasy sports (as we are), you probably played in several major platforms and know what is good there, what is bad, and the most important - what lacks there. Lack of different abilities or absence of really interesting options is your possibility to get a big piece of this pizza... Read more
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FantasyMeter Announces Collaborative Partnership With Fantasy Sports Solutions

FantasyMeter, a leading digital marketing agency for the fantasy sports industry, today announced a collaborative partnership with Fantasy Sports Solutions, a fantasy sports platform developer. This partnership presents an opportunity for businesses in the industry to receive highly personalized digital solutions, from the initial build of a fantasy sports website or platform, to marketing initiatives for new customer acquisition and retention... Read more
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How To Increase Income From Fantasy Sports System?

If you are fan of the fantasy sports contests, or even a fantasy platform owner, you might know the common and usual ways of how Fantasy Sports websites and applications get income. Rake model is standard and similar for 90% of fantasy sports players. But is it the only way to boost income? Is there any other way that helps owners having much better cash flow and in the same time attract players and motivate them to spend more money?.... Read more
New fantasy sports concept - compatriots

Are you ready for new Fantasy Sports contests?

Fantasy Sports Solutions team has been carrying out a comprehensive marketing research among devoted fantasy sports fans, startups and trends, in order to identify and collect new attractive ideas and expectations of the fantasy community for further implementation in live... Read more